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Sunny Motel

I am continuously discovering that life experiences and storytelling is what makes us feel present in the world.

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Lucky Goodbyes

When I was ten I went to Mexico with my mom, dad, and sister. Most of what I remember from that trip was that it was the vacation of many...

Valentine's PSA

Did you know that on average a person needs four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and twelve for growth? A friend once...

What does it mean to be Hispanic?

In August I had the privilege to go to Mexico and visit my mother's "pueblo", where I met her family and learned a little bit more about...

The Musician

I love telling people about how Sami and I met, mainly because of the weird circumstances of our meeting. For those of you who may not...

Are you an ox or are you a cow?

I am going to share a story; a story that really isn't mine to tell, but is worth telling because the message is powerful. Before I can...

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